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After A Gruesome Murder At This House In GK 30 Yrs. Ago, People Still Hear Screams!

Editors 29 July 2022


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There are some things that are just unexplainable, from the weird chill you may feel on a hot summer night to the feeling of being watched when there’s no one around. Isn’t it absolutely spooky? Yep, and we’re here with a tale of one supposedly haunted home in Saadi South Dilli.

The Haunting Of The GK House | There’s an estate in GK that has become famous for its supposed haunting. There’s this place in W-3 that houses a horrific history where an elderly couple was murdered by their yoga instructor. They didn’t have extended relations and their bodies were discovered after about 10 days. Sounds absolutely horrific, doesn’t it? This gruesome incident happened approx. 30 years ago, but it’s still fresh in the minds of people by way of rumours and alleged paranormal sightings.

It’s said that the neighbours often hear screams of people, phantom-like figures, and have often felt a paranormal presence when around the house. This house was recently acquired by a family who comes to live here for some days in every few months.   

What are your views on this, do you think this house is haunted? Let us know of any other haunted houses near your place!

Where | W-3 - GK