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After 2 Decades, The Iconic Full Circle Bookstore & Cafe In Khan Market Is Now Shut Down

Delhi Insider 11 June 2020


Khan Market is one of the most buzzing markets in the city with tonnes of places where you can shop, drop by for lunch or even grab your fave read from the bookshops. But now this experience won’t be the same ever again ‘cause this iconic bookstore & cafe, amongst others, closed its doors permanently.

Now Closed | Full Circle Bookstore & Cafe has been in the bustling market since the year 2000. When this place first opened its doors, they housed 3 floors of a wide array of books, CDs, thangkas & paintings, music tapes, gift section and of course, Cafe Turtle and now they’ve decided to close their doors, permanently. But this bookstore and cafe is not the only one that has shut down, Side Wok and Smokeys BBQ And Grill also decided to do the same. 

Side Wok has been running for 16 years while Smokeys BBQ And Grill had been running for 6 years. The restaurants and cafes have been constantly negotiating on the terms of rents since the seating capacity has been reduced in all the places, hinting to a difficult time ahead. 

But if you still wish to visit Full Circle Bookstore, they’re functioning in GK & Nizamuddin. 

Sourced Via & Hindustan Times