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Addicted To Caffeine? Fresh Brew Co's Artisan Coffee Capsules Will Make You Do The Happy Dance

So Delhi 2 June 2016


Stepping into a coffee shop, the fresh aroma wafting towards you is always a reminder that there's nothing better than a cup of freshly brewed coffee. To relish a refreshing cuppa at home you should bank on Fresh Brew Co.'s artisan coffee capsules from around the country!

What's on offer | They stock a bunch of flavours including the Karm which is a classic coffee flavour from Karnataka, Dasha which is a must have for espresso lovers, Dhara which has a nutty chocolate finish and Javas which is an Italian roast with a berry fruitiness.

Once you've tried 'em out and it feels like you're hooked, you can also opt for their subscription boxes wherein you'll get 60 capsules in a month.

Their range of 10 capsules starts off from 350 bucks.

Giving the classic cold coffee a twist, these guys have also come up with a Cold Brew Coffee which is a refined version of the creamy and sugary traditional coffee.

Go get your caffeine fix, people!

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