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According To The New SOPs, Patients Will Have To Qualify For Home Quarantine In Delhi

Delhi Insider 27 June 2020


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According to the new guidelines, it will be mandatory for everyone who tests positive for COVID-19 to be taken to a COVID care centre to be assessed by a medical officer. And here’s all the information you need to know about this move. 

Here’s What You Need To Know |  As mentioned above, those who test positive via swab tests will be evaluated by a medical officer who will determine whether the said patient is eligible for home quarantine or not. Plus, those who get tested via Rapid Antigen Test will be evaluated on the spot at the testing centres in the locality. The new SOPs have been put in place to ensure that everyone who qualifies for home quarantine gets the best medical attention and those who don’t can be moved to a COVID care centre.

There will be follow-ups via telephone calls by a team outsourced or from a linked health centre or medical students from various medical colleges. According to the DGHS guidelines, every COVID patient will be assessed at least once at a facility. A medical officer at such facilities and testing centres will have to see if the patient falls in the mild, moderate or severe category.

For those who test positive at a lab-based RT-PCR, a district official will first establish contact by phone, they will then be taken to a COVID care centre for assessment and meanwhile, a separate team will visit their home. 

With ever-changing guidelines, we hope that everyone gets the best of treatment and we come out victorious at the end of this battle!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times