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Absolutely FREE Sheesha At This Lovely Newbie In SDA! Rush To The Tyspy Crow Now!

So Delhi 21 Dec 2016


Sheesha lovers, attention please! What if we tell you there's a lovely little place in SDA serving *free* sheesha! (yes, you read that right!) This is a deal you just won't be able to refuse. 

The newly opened Typsy Crow, with beautiful interiors, super classy furniture and pocket friendly dishes is all pepped up to win your hearts with this crazy deal!

Yes It’s True | They will be serving absolutely free sheesha for one whole month starting from the 21st of December!

The time is ticking so make your way over!

Meal For Two | Rs 300
Hookah Party Is At | C 8, Second Floor, SDA
Contact Them | +91 11 4175 5577
Check 'Em Out On Facebook |