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About 200 Delhi Govt. Schools Will Have CCTV Cameras In Every Classroom After The Summer Vacations

Delhi Insider 22 June 2019


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People often complain that government schools don't have the best facilities for safety and so the Delhi Government has taken it upon itself to change the same and how!

All Classrooms To Be CCTV-Equipped | About 200 Delhi Government schools will soon find 2 CCTV cameras in each classroom after the summer break instead of just at the entry/exit gates to ensure safety in schools. The 1st phase of this project is expected to be completed by July with the installation of cameras in 1,100 schools.

Every school will now have close to 150-200 cameras, the access and control of which will be with the principal. Plus, a password-protected smartphone interface for parents is also currently being developed wherein they will be given access to the camera for the classroom their child is studying in.

But this has been challenged in the Supreme Court on the grounds that it will put psychological pressure on the students to perform well. Moreover, it’s also facing opposition from teachers and educationists that it will hinder their performances and affect the natural process of teaching.

Government School Teacher's Association (GSTA) is also resisting the move and are planning to cut off the wires if it interferes with the daily affairs of the classroom! Seems like we’ll soon find out if this move will be welcomed or not!

Sourced Via The Times Of India