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Ab Dangal Hoga! Delhi Police Has Launched A Comprehensive Self-Defence Programme For Girls

So Delhi 3 Mar 2017


Picture Credits: U.S. Embassy New Delhi

Ladies, it’s time for Dangal!

Delhi Police is taking the initiative to teach girls how to fight back all by themselves! They aim to train over 1 lakh girls under this programme. WOAH! They’ve launched a programme called ‘Sashakti’ where girls in particular will be trained in easy-to-learn-and-use self-defence techniques across the capital.

The launch, which was streamed live for people across the city, witnessed the participation of over 1,500 girls from more than 50 schools and colleges, mostly from the West district. More than 20,000 girls have already been trained in this programme as of 2016, and many more have signed up already.

Good going Dilli police! 

Sourced Via India Times