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A Walk Through The Okhla Bird Sanctuary Is All You Need On A Pleasant Morning


Okhla Bird Sanctuary is a peaceful recluse for bird watchers in the city and rightly so. With the lush greenery around the area, pretty flowers and flocks of birds of several species chirping delightfully, this one is a must-visit for those who love taking long walks amidst the lush greenery. 

A Peaceful Escape | Sitting quaintly next to the Okhla Barrage, this one is indeed nature’s paradise, complete with chirping birds and the faint rustling of the leaves. It’s a visual treat for anyone who visits the park as the flora and fauna over here will make you want to whip out that camera real fast. A spot famous amongst bird watchers, you must definitely visit this park if you like watching colourful species of birds like the Common Teal Anas Crecca, Tufted Duck Aythya Fuligula, Common Pochard Aythya Ferina and more flying around the area.

Offering pretty aesthetics, it’s a popular spot for anyone who’s up for a li’l photo shoot. There’s even an artificial pond nearby where you can just go and sit by whilst you take in the tranquil atmosphere that surrounds the area. It is definitely a place where you can go for an urban detox and just take in the peaceful environment.

Doesn’t it sound like one dreamy walk through the forest to you?!

Where | Okhla Bird Sanctuary - Noida Plaza, N Block, Pocket K, Sector 95, Noida
Entry | Rs 30 Onwards
Timings | 7 AM - 5:30 PM