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We Present To You Exciting Reasons To Visit The Famous Nizamuddin Dargah When In Delhi



Whether you’re a Sufi aficionado or not, a trip to Delhi would be incomplete without a visit to the famous Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah situated in the Nizamuddin West area which is visited by thousands of pilgrims, every week. The Dargah is one of the most prominent spiritual sites in Delhi and definitely falls under the must-visit category of places here. So scroll on and find out all that the Nizamuddin Dargah has in store for you!

1. To Marvel At The Enchanting Architecture 

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Nizamuddin Dargah is one of the finest pieces of architectural design in the Indian capital with verandas, arched gateways and domed roofs. Shoes aren't allowed in the dargah, so make your way barefoot through a short maze of corridors to get to Nizamuddin’s tomb. Constructed by Muhammad Tughluq on top of a tank, the legend attached to the Nizamuddin Dargah is that during a tiff between the rulers of Tughlaqabad and the saint over building this tank, the latter cursed the ruler, declaring that the city of Tughlaqabad will never prosper, which came true. After its initial construction, the Dargah underwent a number of reconstructions. The present mausoleum was constructed by Faridu'n Khan in 1562-63.

2. To Hear The Soul-Stirring Qawwalis By The Sufi Saints 

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If the famous song Kun Faya Kun from the movie Rockstar touched your heart, a concert-like experience here of qawwali by musicians and singers from families who have been doing this for generations is definitely worth a shot. The qawwali takes place usually from 5 - 9:30 PM and you can say that these sessions are truly a representation of the purest form of Sufism which fills the listers with calm and a deep sense of joy, peace and euphoria. That moment has been described differently by everyone who listens to it and is claimed to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

3. To Soak In The Approx. 700-Year-Old History & Heritage Of The Basti & Dargah

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Picture Credits: beerbiryani

The complex surrounding the dargah is divided into two parts - Nizamuddin West, consisting of a dargah and a market, and Nizamuddin East, an upper-class residential area. One may reach Nizamuddin West via the metro through Jangpura Metro Station. It is from here you should walk through the extremely lively market, where vendors sell anything and everything, to get to the dargah. You’ll experience the beautiful old architecture of the basti and the traditions and customs of the people who’ve been living here for hundreds of years on the way, which will surely be a moment that will be etched in your memory forever. 

4. To Offer Prayers & Receive Blessings At The Sacred Mausoleum Of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya

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The main sacred mausoleum is the dargah of the world’s most famous Sufi saint, Muhammad Nizamuddin Auliya also known as Hazrat Nizamuddin, and Mahbub-e-Ilahi (Beloved of God). He was an Indian Sunni Muslim scholar, a Sufi saint of the Chishti Order, and he like his predecessors, stressed the importance of love as a means of realising god. It was said that back in the 14th century, his influence and kindness were such that people invariably felt drawn to him and towards mysticism and prayers, remaining aloof from the world.

5. To Visit The Baoli Behind The Dargah, Whose Waters Are Said To Possess Magical Powers

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Yep, you’ll find a baoli situated at the back entrance of the dargah, which was commissioned by Hazrat Nizamuddin himself and was built in the year 1321. People who live around the area believe that the waters of this baoli possess magical powers and often bathe in it to receive blessings. Legend has it that Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq had commissioned the Tughlaqabad Fort at the same time the baoli was being built and because he forbade all workers from working on the baoli, they would work on it at night. When this was discovered their supply of oil was restricted. Yet, you could find that the masons could still light their lamps with the water of the baoli. Mysterious, right?

6. To Pay Respect To The Resting Tomb Of Amir Khusro, Mirza Ghalib & Other Legendary Mystics

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Though the dargah is the mausoleum of the famous Saint Nizamuddin Auliya, the dargah also enshrines the tombs of Amir Khusrau - the saint's beloved disciple, Jahanara - Shah Jahan's daughter and Mirza Ghalib, the famous poet. Other monuments in the complex include Jama’at- Khana Masjid, Chini Ka Burj, Tomb of Jahanara, Amir Khusrau's Tomb, Chaunsath-Khamba, Barakhamba and Barapula. It has become a common sight to see people come and offer their respects to these imminent personalities or pay respect to their tombs! 

7. For A Food Trail Of The Juiciest Kebabs Found In The Area

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Picture Credits: Rohan Khurana

Sampling juicy and delicious kebabs are a must after you’ve offered prayers, and the streets outside the dargah are filled with small shops and restaurants that serve some of the juiciest and melt-in-your-mouth kebabs you would’ve ever tasted. Some of the famous shops here include Karims, Ghalib Kebab Corner and Kit Care Kebab Corner. Try the seekh kebas, mutton nihari, shami kebabs, chicken tikka, and soo much more! 

8. To Feast On The Huge Halwa Parantha Tucked In The Bylanes Of Nizamuddin 

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If you’re roaming the streets around the dargah, you’ll invariably be overcome by the sweet scent coming from the food that the street vendors are selling and apart from the tempting kebabs found in the area, you’ll also bear witness to one of the most humungous halwa paranthas found here. This parantha is a much sought-after delicacy in this part of town, with the sweet and savoury bread is deep-fried to perfection, mixing together halwa and parantha and creating a dish that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also completely filling and delicious!

The Dargah and the surrounding streets together make it a very serene place and the Sufi music performed here is mesmerising to one and all, so do come by for a look-see!

Where | Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah - Boali Gate Road, Nizamuddin
Call Them | +91 9811 778 607
Entry | Free (Women Prohibited Inside The Nizamuddin’s Tomb)
Timings | 4:45 AM - 10 PM
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