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A Tree Wall Of 31 Lakh Saplings Will Soon Shield Us From The Menace Of Pollution & Dust Storms

Delhi Insider 11 July 2018


Hey, so there’s an interesting piece of news that we thought we’d share with you peeps. Did you know that Delhi would soon be surrounded by a tree wall along its borders? No? Come read on as we tell you what it’s all about.

A Tree Wall Surrounding Delhi? | Apni Dilli is all set to have a wall of about 31 lakh native trees, along its borders, thereby shielding it from dust storms coming from Rajasthan. Woah, now this is seriously a great solution to the problem, ain’t it? Imagine, 31 lakh trees to stand guard for our city, so cool! 

The Union and Delhi Governments have commenced the work of planting approximately 31 lakh saplings along its borders with Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, while also enveloping the forest areas adjoining Yamuna and the Aravalis. Apart from protecting the city from the choking dust storms coming from Rajasthan, the tree wall will also help reduce pollution within the city. 

Some types of trees that’ll make up this tree wall are neem, peepal, banyan, mango, jamun and more. The Forest Department of the Delhi Government has undertaken this herculean task and they’ll most likely be done in another two year’s time. 

Celebrating ‘Van Mahotsav’, various authorities like the Delhi Metro, Northern Railways and more will be planting nearly 21 lakh native trees in their areas of work. 

Here’s a big thumbs up to the government, for taking up such a great initiative to get rid of the choking pollution and dust storms that plague the city. Way to go, Delhi Government! 

Sourced Via NDTV