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A Tiny Outlet Tucked Neatly Away in GK I's M Block Market, Go Check Out Wafflesome


Disclaimer: Bearing in mind the current restrictions in the city and the world at large, we're tweaking our content policy and recommendations to focus more on staying indoors and exploring the digital world and all its wondrous offerings! Stay positive, keep hygiene levels up and don't fall prey to panic and misinformation.

Wafflesome has a tiny outlet in GK I's M-Block Market, and they’re all about waffles and only waffles! Their waffles are 100% vegetarian so all you non-egg eaters can also indulge in these yummy delicacies. 

They have seven basic flavours and topping options, thus giving it the customised touch! The waffle flavours include, Classic, Chocolate, Nutella, Banana Toffee, Blueberry, Mango and Litchi *yum yum*! Along with this, you can always exchange toppings here and there and get some extra ones added too. 

They serve yummy Hot Chocolate too, so we’d say go all out and drown in the calories! 

Meal For Two | Rs 250
Where | M-69, M-Block Market, GK I
Check Out Their FB Page |