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Are You Guys Aware About The Interesting History Behind Jamali Kamali Tomb & Mosque?


A trip to Delhi can never be considered complete without a visit to the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. The magic of its history, intricate architecture and greenery of landscapes leaves one spellbound. Out of the numerous tourist spots found here, the tomb and mosque of Jamali Kamali offers a fine piece of structural design and holds a fascinating story behind it. 

Do visit the tomb once the situation gets a little better. Till then, stay home and stay safe! 

Forlorn Love

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Picture Credits: nisha_03

After he died in 1535, Jamali was buried in his tomb alongside Kamali. Jamali belonged to a merchant family and was a very popular poet known for his famous works such as ‘The Mirror of Meanings’, ‘The Sun and Moon’ and ‘The Spiritual Journey of the Mystics’, etc. According to legend, it’s said that both these men - Jamali and Kamali, were deeply in love with each other. If interested, you can read the book ‘Jamali-Kamali, A Tale of Passion in Mughal India’ by Karen Chase who has described her personal take on their story beautifully.

The Structure

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Picture Credits: instagraphermg

Red sandstone and marble design (a popular trend in Mughal architecture) have been used at the mosque. Five arches are carved out in the prayer hall where a dome rises from the top of the central arch. Painted in red and blue, the Jamali Kamali tomb stands as a square structure with a flat roof over it. Quranic inscriptions and coloured paintings add to the beauty of it. 

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Large courtyards around both these structures give you several angles for clicking nice pictures. The garden near the tomb, with its spruce trees and lush greenery, serves as a good relaxing spot. The view from the boundary wall of the tomb offers you a sight of the magnificent Qutub Minar. At the archaeological park, a stroll down the undulating curves of the green landscape is nothing less than refreshing! 

Nearby Areas

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Picture Credits: siddharth038

Other than Jamali Kamali, interesting areas to cover at the park are Balban’s tomb, Metcalfe’s canopy, Quli Khan’s tomb, Rajon Ki Baoli and Khan Shahid’s tomb. A good time to visit this place is in the early morning during sunrise. The park is open on all days of the week.

Three things you should definitely carry along are walking shoes, something to cover your head with and lots of water. To avoid getting exhausted, recharge your energy with the exotic Thai food found at nearby restaurants like Thai High, Waves, 100% Rock etc. If looking for North Indian food, Waves offers you that too. If you want to grab something light, then the nearby Café Coffee Day is just the thing for you!

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The nearest metro station to the park is the Qutub Minar stop. If you want to board a bus, then buses leading to Andheria Mor or Lado Sarai will drop you off at Ahinsa Sthal, from where the park is 150 metres away on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road. If coming by car, you can easily find a parking space near Jamali Kamali once you’ve entered the park.

Come along with a nice book and a chilled bottle of lemonade and while away an afternoon gazing at this ancient monument with a deep history of love!

Where | Jamali Kamali Tomb & Mosque - Mehrauli Archaeological Park Trail Christian Colony, Mehrauli