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A Sugary Tete-à-Tete With Kishneet Sethi, Founder of Sugar Loft

So Delhi 6 Apr 2018


Delhi is a city that loves to indulge in everything fabulous! And what could be better than a customised cake? It looks just the way you want it to, and to top it all off, it tastes even better! Sink into this conversation with Kishneet Sethi, Founder and Baker at Sugar Loft, a home-run bakery that Delhiites love!

What is the philosophy behind Sugar Loft?

Well the philosophy is very simple - we just love the look on a person's face when they taste a cake and their palette does a little dance. It is a priceless moment when someone has a look at a cake which is customized as per their choice and appreciates the effort put in bringing it to perfection.

What are the tricks of the trade for a home-run bakery in Delhi?

There aren't any as such, we are simply working via social media and word of mouth. Plus, I’ve taken part in a few events too which have helped us gain recognition. But mostly through friends and family spreading the word.

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Which Delhi grocery stores would you direct young, aspiring bakers to?

Delhi groceries, well honestly I get my ingredients in bulk so I work directly with wholesalers. But for budding bakers, Modern Bazaar is a personal favorite! They have their in-house sugar and cocoa which are fabulous! The rest, well try using Indian ingredients as much as you can as their availability will be a lot more easier.

What according to you, makes Delhi 'So Delhi'?

For me what makes Delhi 'So Delhi' has to be the fabulous food that we get here! It’s a mini India yes, but more like a mini world. Standing in front of the India Gate and enjoying a Chuski makes Delhi, So Delhi!

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Being a baker, what have you learnt about Delhi and its sweet tooth?

Being a baker, firstly I'm amazed at how people blindfoldedly follow a trend. Like the whole Red Velvet Cake trend that came up, every person ordered it and instagrammed about it, though I bet not half of them liked it let alone know what is the difference between the velvet cake and another. But then again, I think being a true Delhiite even after gorging on the beautiful macaroons and cheesecakes, I would still always love a little bite of my personal favorite Anupama's Ras-Malai! 

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that people in Delhi develop a love for something, then everyone does it and it’s soon out of fashion also and another thing is up! For example all the figurine and bagwati cakes which had become a little too common some time back and now no one even looks at them anymore.

What is one common misconception about baking?

The one common misconception is that Choco Lava Cake is basically an undercooked cake. It's not! Its got molten chocolate fudge balls which take longer to cook than the rest of the cake around it, hence it’s melted and runny once baked to perfection!

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3 places in Delhi where you love to go and indulge in desserts?

  • Maison Des Desserts’ Brownie and Ice-cream. I’m a sucker for brownies. 
  • Any Chinese restaurant serving either date pancakes or Darsan.
  • Big Chill Cafe's Squidgy Chocolate cake.

What does the future hold for Sugar Loft?

Well, the future holds good things hopefully for Sugar Loft. It’s the one thing that makes me the happiest, hence I will never let it go! We plan on adding a savory line too. Let's see how that works out! 

We hope this little rendezvous with the sugar maestro has taunted your sweet cravings - happy binging!