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A Student Who Demands a Refund For Faulty Education: Catch 'Refund' Playing @ Akshara Theatre

City Wire 21 Oct 2016


For all those who appreciate good theatre, Square Heart Productions has organised a play called 'The Refund' which is a play that probably a lot of us can relate to. It’s the story of a student who's not a very good performer in life, in general. Hmmm….yes definitely relatable *wink wink*!

This play is basically about a student who demands his school fees back after realising that his educated has left him up to no good! The education given to him never proved to be useful in any walk of life and thus he returns to his school demanding all the fees that he’s ever paid them. 

It concludes with a rollercoaster of comedy and showcases the many flaws of the Indian education system while spreading laughter and joy throughout! 

We’re totally looking forward to watching this play tomorrow! Come along?

When | Saturday, 22nd October
Where | Akshara Theatre, Baba Kharak Singh Marg
Book Your Tickets Here |
Entry | 
Rs 300