A Stone & Wood Chalet Overlooking Snow-Capped Peaks: Live The Dream HERE In Manali!

Wandering Nomad 4 Sept 2017

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Right when you’ve had enough of the hustle bustle of the metropolitan city life that Delhi boasts about, it’s time to hit this sweet spot in Manali and just simply go and relax! Casatonia Cottages and Lodges is one place that’s all about relaxing and chilling to your heart’s content - sitting in the lap of the mighty Himalayas no less!

They’ve got two beautiful cottages, Himalayan Chalet and Little Dream, one more beautiful than the other! The Himalayan Chalet is a stone and wood chalet overlooking the snow clad Himalayas, while Little Dream offers a generous slice of serenity and a view of the entire valley!

There’s WiFi for the workaholics, satellite TV for those who want to chill indoors and watch movies plus you can have bonfires and lots more to make this holiday a perfectly relaxing one *mentally starts packing a bag*! 

So go ahead and ‘check-in’! 

Where | Casatonia Cottages And Lodges - Kanyal Road, Simsa, Manali 
Tariff | Rs 2,700 Onwards
Book Your Rooms Online Here | http://casatonia.com/tarrif.html
Check Out Their FB Page | https://goo.gl/VWxWdW

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