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A Step in The Right Direction - Delhi Gets First Cancer Daycare Centre For Treatments

So Delhi 6 Apr 2018


Over a million people in India are diagnosed with cancer every year, and yet patients still aren't receiving the required treatments properly as there is no dedicated facility solely catering to cancer patients. 

The Max Institute of Cancer Daycare will be the first standalone cancer daycare centre in Lajpat Nagar for people who require chemotherapy and supportive therapies rather than just radiation to beat this nefarious disease.

It's a 15-bed clinic which'll take care of 30 patients on a daily basis, other than follow-up outpatient consultations. This clinic also makes it possible for new cancer therapies to be developed and delivered in a safe environment.

Although this is the first initiative for a cancer daycare centre, many more will hopefully be launched over the years. We're glad to see cancer treatment is getting the much needed attention it deserves!

Information as seen on Hindustan Times