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A South Delhi Civic Party Has Actually Proposed A Ban On Public Display Of Meat *WHAAAA*



Delhiites, we’ve got some super silly news for you guys, a BJP-dominated civic body in South Delhi has passed a private member's resolution seeking a ban on public display of meat at food stalls! What in the world?! 

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest | Hiding freshly cut meat at street vendor stalls is a pretty silly move to be honest and we fail to understand the mentality behind this! If the South Delhi Municipal Corporation notifies such a rule, a long-standing practice of food vendors luring customers through kebabs on skewers or frying-pan-ready tikkas may end in a section of the national capital. 

And it keeps getting sillier by the minute - the authorities have said that the reason behind them doing so is to look into the hygiene factor and in order to respect the sentiments of the people. We get the hygiene bit, but sentiments? Good lord! 

It’s still being debated, so let’s see if sanity finally prevails *fingers crossed*!

Sourced Via The Telegraph