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A Solution to Gurujam - Four Lane Highway on The Delhi Gurgaon Expressway


The Delhi Gurgaon Expressway has always been traffic-ridden, but the torrential rains we've been seeing this past week have just aggravated the situation to an extent where traffic jams got out of hand (15-hour long at times), and so the National Highway Authority of India has come up with a solution.

What's The Plan | A four-lane outer ring road will now be constructed to bypass the city. It would be 32 kms long, of which 1.6 kms will lie in Delhi, and the remaining 30.2 kms in Gurgaon. This road will also have a paved shoulder, drainage facility and a service road.

If this proposed road is put in place, it will definitely ease the congestion on the Delhi - Gurgaon Expressway. Hoping for quick action here!

Sourced via India Today