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Delhi Will Soon See Singapore Airport-Style People Movers Besides A Revamp Of Metro Stations



With a lot of infrastructure developments going on in the Capital, we just heard that the metro stations near Rajpath will soon be getting a Singapore airport-style people mover and here’s everything you need to know about this exciting news!

A Step Towards Modernisation | The Government has proposed a redevelopment plan in the city and as per the proposal, the metro stations near the Central Vista AKA Rajpath will go through development and they’ll be equipped with improved facilities. Also, the entire stretch of Rajpath might be revamped. The Udyog Bhawan and Central Secretariat metro stations, amongst others, will be redeveloped.

A Singapore-style people mover is in plans to provide connectivity between 10 buildings that may be developed around Central Secretariat. These new offices will be conceptualized as per the Transit-Oriented Development. These new office buildings will have an underground shuttle that will operate in a loop.  

We hope this development is materialized at the earliest! What do you guys think?

Sourced Via Financial Express