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A Perfect Blend of Indian & Contemporary Design | Andamen's Shirts To Revolutionize Men's Fashion

So Delhi 7 Sept 2016


Andamen’ according to us stands for everything quirky - from the story of their conception, their timeless, one-of-a-kind shirts to their brand mascot - ‘Rajan’ the legendary swimmer of the Indian Subcontinent. The folks over at Andamen have made sure to create an experience, instead of just a product! 

With its inception in December 2015, the company has been growing steadily as a premium brand with the help of its founder and co-founder Siddharth Suri and Satvika Suri. The brand was conceived due to their deep love for India, as well as their obsession for quality and perfection. Read on!

A Perfect Blend of Smart & Casual | Midnight Blue 

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A collection that treasures timeless shirts, their Signature Collection is a perfect blend of smart-casual and formal. Among the mind blowing varieties, the Midnight Blue has absolutely won us over. Made from the world’s best natural cotton - The Egyptian Giza with yarn counts ranging up to 120 (woah),the shirt has a wonderfully vibrant sheen. This shirt from their Signature Collection works for all occasions, from a Sunday brunch to your parent’s 50th anniversary!

Breaking Stereotypes | Camel on Dunes

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Okay, so how many times have we seen a man donning shirts with animals on them? Well, Anadamen breaks the stereotypes yet again! Their Camel on Dunes shirt from the Heritage Collection is certainly one of a kind. A plain white shirt with blue camels on the edges, makes this shirt a really exquisite and exciting one. Beautifully intricate and detailed, this collection really makes Andamen stand out. 

Banarasi Motifs & Beatles References | Happy Rishikesh

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A range that has picked four cities along the river, and crafted their shirts around those cities, The Ganges Range of this brand had designs varying from hand-stitched Banarasi motifs to subtle Beatles references (wow!). We love their Happy Rishikesh shirt, for it reflects the Beatles time whilst they were in Rishikesh.  

Beautifully Incorporating Nostalgia | Pabuji Retro Print 

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A shirt that elegantly compiles colors like mustard, blue and white in a beautiful print, is one of our highly recommended ones from their Tyohaar Collection. The Pabuji Retro Print showcases the intensity that has gone into making this intricate shirt. An incorporation of Indian festivals and a nostalgic reminiscence of Ladakh’s Hemis Festival, and the Desert Festival from Jaisalmer - the motifs, tapes and detailing on the shirts are beautifully recreated symbols and artistry hailing from these festivals. 

Luxe Shirts, Not-So-Luxe Prices

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The folks over at Andamen prefer quality over quantity, as was evident during our conversation with them. Their work ethic is brilliant and the shirts are very reasonably priced - keeping in mind their quality, these range from Rs 3,500 - Rs 5,000 apiece. They have successfully managed to deliver super luxury fabrics at fairly affordable prices. 

Handy Delivery & Returns

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As for their products, they are available online on their website. They also offer same day delivery as well as four hour delivery within NCR - no need to get hassled about last minute evening wear anymore! You can also return their shirts for a period of 60 days from the date of purchase. Plus, the products are also placed and delivered in boxes and pouches which you can reuse! 

On the whole, we highly recommend the Andamen experience to you - it’s new, it’s funky and it’s different! Go check ‘em out for yourselves!

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