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A New Vending Machine At Anand Vihar Station Gives Free Tickets If You Do Sit-Ups!



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Hello, folks! We just heard about this recent development at the Anand Vihar Railway Station that will grant you free tickets and here’s what you need to know. 

Get Freebies The Healthy Way | A recent tweet by the Indian Railway Minister announced that they have installed a ticket vending machine at the Anand Vihar Railway Station which will grant you FREE platform tickets if you do sit-ups. This move has been taken to encourage fitness amongst the people. In this particular video that he’d uploaded one can see a young boy doing sit-ups in front of the machine.

At this Squat Kiosk, a platform ticket worth Rs 10 will be generated free of cost when the passenger successfully completes 30 squats in three minutes. Looks like a healthy way to save money, doesn’t it? 

So, if you’re going to drop-by this railway station to see someone off, you might want to try your leg at sit-ups (pun intended).

Sourced Via Twitter