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A Mobile Grocery Bus In Gurugram Will Deliver Essential Items To Your Home


In order to maintain social distancing and meet the daily needs of the people, Gurgram has come up with a novel idea and this will certainly make you want to applaud them for their services. Here are all the deets.

Right At Your Doorstep | Gurgram has introduced something called ‘Mobile Grocery Bus’ which is offering home delivery of essential goods. This way the people won’t have to step out to buy groceries which is important to sustain. The residents can order up fruits, vegetables, oil, packaged food, biscuits, bread and more! The bus will deliver these in front of society.

To avail the services, people will have to contact their Residents Welfare Association (RWA) and then send their requirements on the email - [email protected]. This comes as a relief at a time when groceries are not being delivered on time due to heavy load of orders or because they’re out of stock. Also, all essential items like oil, flour, Maggi, fruits and vegetables at cheaper rates than the MRP.

So, if you’re someone who lives in Gurgram make sure to use this service!

Sourced Via TimesTravel