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We Tried Platefuls Of Cheesy Pasta And More @ Pasta Hut In DC Chowk


On our never ending search for mouth-watering food finds that don’t make our budget hit rock-bottom, we go around the city devouring one plate after another. Our pocket money is never enough and the ‘paapi pet’ understands no denial. Since the month is about to end, everyone knows them (broke) feels. The dreams of a Ferrari but the budget of a Nano is the story of almost every person reading this right now. 

Don’t fret peeps! We are always on the lookout for joints that serve food at too-good-to-be-true prices and the people living around Rohini are up for a win. A quaint little joint called Pasta Hut in DC Chowk is almost always filled with hungry teens. We were surprised to see a bunch of policemen drop by for a casual meal, but the staff told us they were regular tea time visitors. 

If the kanoon liked the shop that much, we thought we’d give their pasta-filled menu a try! 

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: 

The Good 

  • The prices are definitely a plus with a meal for two costing less than 300 bucks. 
  • We really liked the taste of Barbeque Pizza and Mixed Sauce Pasta. 
  • The Very Berry Lemonade was quite an innovative and yummy drink.

The Bad 

  • The seating space can’t even accommodate 10 people comfortably and with no outdoor seating available, you might have to rely on the vehicles parked outside. 
  • Even with a small number of people, the service can be really slow and even things like cold coffee can take 20 minutes to pop out of the kitchen. 

The Ugly

  • For a place that calls itself the Pasta Hut, only 3 variations of pasta being available does not sound legit. Other dishes like the wraps were also discontinued but still existed on the menu. We were hoping to try a bunch, but what a bummer! 

Now, let’s jump straight into what we ate and our verdict!

Cold Coffee 

article image

What are summers without a glass of cold coffee to put some much needed caffeine in your system?! We found ourselves salivating for some lattes multiple times throughout the day. This caffeine fix was high in sugar, yet low on coffee. It was almost like a coffee milkshake and for a true coffee lover - that’s a bit of a shame. If you like lightly flavoured coffee, go give this one a try. 

Price | Rs 60

Very Berry Lemonade 

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Alongwith the pizza arrived another must try from this joint. It was more like a berry soda and not exactly a lemonade. It was made from a pureed mixture of different kinds of dried berries which made it taste sweet and acidic at the same time with a good balance. Yum yum!

Price | Rs 50

Butterscotch Shake 

article image

It looked almost like milk that contained nothing, but tasted nice though. It was a nice cooler to chug down the food we’d just had. We expected a scoop of butterscotch ice cream on top but that wasn’t to be! We’d have loved a little bit more flavour and chunkiness in the shake. 

Price | Rs 50

Garlic Bread 

article image

Another crowd favorite, we thought this might be the cheesy surprise that our hungry bellies craved, but sadly, it wasn’t! It was just 3 pieces of grilled garlic bread with a generous helping of oregano and little to no filling inside. This overload of bread left our mouth quite dry and we ordered some drinks to wash it all down. 

Price | Rs 90

Grilled Paneer Sandwich 

article image

While we looked for veggies in the pasta, they hid it all in their Grilled Paneer Sandwich. This was full of paneer and veggies all smothered in their patent tandoori gravy. The bread was nice and crispy, just like we like it. It tasted pretty good and was quite filling for those deceptively small slices of bread. 

Price | Rs 90

Barbeque Pizza 

article image

The showstopper arrived at last! This pizza was REALLY tasty and it looked delicious too. A little small in size but packed with tons of flavours and textures. Definitely the best dish we sampled here. It didn’t contain the basic tomato-esque marinara sauce that most pizzas do and that’s what made it stand out. It didn’t need any ketchup and we wolfed it all down in minutes!

Price | Rs 150

Mixed Sauce Pasta 

article image

Quite possibly their dish of choice as almost every table placed an order for this, and their Mixed Sauce Pasta was yummy! The sauce was definitely the star with the hairpin balance between the tartness of the tomato sauce and the creaminess of the cheesy sauce. We found a few pieces of corn stuck in, but apart from that the vegetable to pasta ratio sucked pretty bad. We’d have loved the quantity to be a little more and the dish to have a little more veggies. 

Price | Rs 140

When maa ke hath khana does not seem that appetising, joints like these are the go-to rescue places. We’d love to have some more pasta variants and faster service but it was a good meal nonetheless. Until next time, happy foodie-ing! 

Location | G-10, DC Chowk, Rohini