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A Loop Network On The Aqua Line Will Connect Noida & Greater Noida And This Is Awesome



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Hey metro travellers, we come bearing some essential information for all of you! So if you live in Noida or Greater Noida, you defo gotta read ahead!

Here’s What’s Up! | Remember the 30 kms long proposed metro link on Aqua Line that was supposed to connect Noida and Greater Noida? Well, authorities have now decided to connect both of these areas through Greater Noida West or Noida Extension, thereby forming a loop network. Earlier, the plan was to develop a 15 kms link from Noida’s Sector 71 to Greater Noida’s Knowledge Park - 5.

However, now, a 7 kms link from Noida’s Sector 71 to Greater Noida West’s Sector 1 will be constructed in the first phase and then it’ll be extended to Bodaki in the second phase. Awesome!

The Aqua Line is expected to be functional by the end of 2018, so once these two sections - Noida’s Sector 71 to Bodaki and from Noida’s Sector 71 to Greater Noida, are ready, they’ll form a loop that’s gonna boost metro connectivity in these areas. This is expected to be done and dusted in the next four to five years.

We’ll just say it out loud - Aqua Line is gonna rock, y’all!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times