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A Long Time Coming! Delhi Govt. to Build 15,000 Houses for the Homeless



Picture Credits: Glenn Losack, M.D.

Whether it's the freezing cold or the boiling heat, the hardest hit are always the underprivileged homeless people of our society and the major reason behind this has always been shortage of shelters.

So in a bid to provide houses for all, the Delhi Government's latest initiative is to build around 15,000 homes to support the homeless! 

What's The Plan | The government has decided to build a hostel like facility which will incorporate a common kitchen for individuals and as for families, there will be an arrangement of a single room with kitchens.

Offering shelter has always been a temporary solution and it's high time a permanent fix was chalked out to deal with the problem. The government is keeping in mind that the population of the ones living on the streets keeps multiplying every year and temporary shelters will no longer work out. 

We know it’s a drop in the ocean, but slowly and steadily things will change with such measures!   

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