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A Limit On The No. Of Guests Invited To Delhi Weddings May Be 'On The Cards' Soon



We Indians are really famous for lavish big fat desi weddings that we host with all the pomp and show! While some people admire these kinda weddings, there are some who’re strictly against them. And looks like the Delhi Government is a part of the latter group. Read on as we tell you what’s happening!

No More Big Fat Indian Weddings? | The Delhi Government may soon put a cap on the number of people we can invite to weddings or large-scale celebrations in the city. The idea behind this move is to prevent the wastage of food at these events and to avoid traffic congestion.

The government also suggested that arrangements need to be made between the caterers at these weddings and NGOs, so that the leftover food can be given to the needy instead of throwing it away altogether. The government also fears that in addition to food wastage, the stale food that is leftover is often reused by caterers at subsequent weddings, which might lead to serious health hazards.

The government is also looking at the improper utilisation of water at these large-scale functions and will take out a policy regarding it pretty soon. We’re really impressed by the Delhi Government’s move to avoid food wastage and we really hope that their initiative bears fruit!

Sourced Via The Economic Times