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A Lawyer Who Refuses to Be One! Talking All Things Glam with Fashion Blogger Shreya Kalra

So Delhi 6 Apr 2018


Shreya Kalra is a fashion blogger who after getting a degree in law, left it just so she could do what made her utmost happy- fashion blogging. Her guilty pleasure lies in sugary food, she’s navigationally challenged and she has a different vision about everything. Get to know this blogger who is a globetrotter and can easily pass off as a stunning model!

What inspired you to blog?

I've always had an interest in fashion but I’m primarily a writer. I’ve been writing since school. I wrote about anything that interested me. At some point of time I started growing an interest in reading a lot about fashion blogs. It started with the Sartorialist. At that time the street style was really at its peak and I’ve loved being someone who puts together looks. So I just thought that the next great idea would be to combine these two things and this was the first generation of fashion blogging!

As a blogger, how do you keep yourself inspired season after season?

This is an inspiring and tough time for fashion. But what really keeps me going personally is that I try and innovate a lot in terms of my styling and writing. It’s obviously hard because you feel that you’ve been there, done that. That there’s nowhere you can really innovate anymore...but I guess it’s all about giving it your fresh perspective, being very individualistic and authentic.

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One thing which you feel is being misinterpreted by the fashion industry?

I think fashion blogging is being misinterpreted grossly. It goes for me too that there are days when others may think that if I put across an OOTD on Instagram, am I joining the clique of people who put across an outfit and make believe that they're blogging? 

No, I think blogging is genuinely a combination of a lot of skills but it's also about knowing your forte. Knowing what you do best and what you’re bringing to the table. So I think fashion blogging and the idea of fashion blogging is being grossly misinterpreted because I don’t think it is eventually going to be about numbers which is a vicious cycle. It’s gonna go back to where it started from. Where content was king!  

Your Blog ‘For the Love Of Fashion and Other Things’ has made you one of the top fashion bloggers in town. Do share some blogging tips!

Never ever be afraid of trying because there are going to be times when you are scared, you’re probably trying on a look or a trend which might or might not click with the audiences but the idea is just to try because I look at my posts 6 years back and I think that I’ve come such a long way. I realize that there are so many milestones in terms of how my style has evolved. But most importantly, stay true to yourself because there’s scope for everyone but there’s place for you only if you’re bringing something new to the table! If you’re going to be a replica of somebody who already exists, then it's not going to work!

Share your insta-wisdom with us. What makes a killing post?

Oh, there are so many things! It’s a sad story but my face works for insta *chuckles* a lot more than just product posts. Although I love taking just product shots like random things that inspire me but I have realized that a face works the best but I’m not sure that I’m completely sold on that idea. I don’t follow it religiously but at the same time I try to keep it a mix of both because I feel like as a fashion blogger, people associate and relate to you a lot more if they see your face. Along with that I also combine it with anything and everything that inspires me. I don’t restrict myself to putting across just fashion things. It’s about really staying true to yourself. There might be people who really enjoy what you do and the engagement will be a lot higher than people who are just in the rat race of buying followers.

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One fashion advice for the youth that’s entering the fashion world.

There’s no one particular fashion advice. If you’re following trends, don’t follow them blindly without realising what is it that you really feel. Do it if you feel like, “Oh my god! This is genuinely fun.” Be open to change, be open to new things but make sure that there’s still a part of you in every look. Don’t look like a clone of everything that’s already out there.

One thing people must absolutely know about you?

I’m navigationally challenged. I have the hardest time tracing my roots to directions, roads and routes to even places that I visit every day. And I’ve just about learned how to use google maps!

3 people from history you would have liked to dress?

1. Grace Kelly. I always think of her when I think of old world charm.

2. In the same way I would say Audrey Hepburn. Kind of cliché but I think she had a lot more to herself than Breakfast at Tiffany’s. There’s a lot of good work she’s associated with in terms of human rights which is really not known and I feel like that inspires me a lot.

3. Miranda and Samantha from SATC. Carrie and Charlotte were way ahead and experimental with their clothes so Miranda and Samantha.

One fashion trend you feel should be back in fashion?

Bell bottoms. They’re kind of already back in fashion. I like the fact that they’re niche and not really back in fashion but I’d like to see more people trying it on and experimenting with it because people are really scared! I feel they’re really cool.

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If not a fashion blogger, then who?

I am very whimsical. I’m a lawyer so if I wasn’t a fashion blogger, I would definitely be continuing to pursue human rights. I would have liked to work in the UN. These are things that still interest me considering that was my area of expertise. But if I wasn’t even doing that then I would probably be doing something related to art. Maybe, acting in theatre or working in an art gallery!

And on an Ending Note, Here's a Rapid Fire Round!

Favourite colour - Currently, all shades of blue
Favourite cuisine - Indian
Guilty pleasure - All kinds of sweets, basically all kinds of desserts
Books or movies - Books
One thing you can’t live without - My phone!
One fashion icon you admire in India - Everybody’s great but Sonam and Rhea together. Not Sonam alone!

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