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A House Party Where You Can Get Artists to Come Perform Live? Hello House Concert Delhi!

City Wire 17 Oct 2016


Having a house party and you’re tired of the usual EDM blasting out of your speakers? Have House Concert Delhi organise a little concert in your house especially for you and your motley gang! 

Yes, as unreal as it sounds, House Concert Delhi has a bunch of talented artists out of which you get to pick and choose and have them perform in your home. Have an acoustic gig at your house for less than what you would’ve paid at a bar/miniplex and enjoy it with your little clique! 

Artists on board are Tajdar Junaid, Shantanu Pandit, Sanchal Malhar, Trippy Sama, Bianca Love, Ashim Bery and lots more talented musicians. 

We can’t wait to get in touch with them for our next Diwali party! How about you?

Email Them | [email protected]
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