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A Historic Late-Mughal Era Stone Pathway Was Recently Dug Up At The The Iconic Red Fort



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Delhi is a city with rich cultural and historical heritage and recently, there was a pathway excavated at the Red Fort that just shows how History is an intriguing and multifold discipline that just keeps getting unravelled.

Digging Into The Past | Recently, a late-Mughal era stone-paved pathway was unearthed in front of the Delhi Gate at Red Fort. This historic stretch, which measures approx. 3-metre in width and 5 metres in length, came to light when the Archaeological Survey Of India (ASI) began digging in the area about a month ago. The pathway kept getting covered for the past 100-150 years by layers of concrete and was discovered when digging began to determine the original level of the road.

The experts are going ahead with the option of putting this pathway on display by removing the stones and then re-laying them at a slightly elevated height. Large parts of the Red Fort have been altered from time to time, in the course of the British rule during the revolt of 1857 and again after Independence. 

So treat your history buff soul and visit this age-old monument for sure!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times