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A High-Speed Engineless Train Might Slash The Travel Time B/W Delhi & Kolkata By 4 Hrs!


Delhi dwellers, we have some really awesome news for you! Just in case you were planning a Delhi - Kolkata train journey, best halt for a bit, as there’s a new train that might soon be at your service! Take a look and be ready to cheer. 

Kolkata-Delhi ENGINELESS Train | We might soon have a high-speed engineless train plying between Kolkata and Delhi and that is great news! The Indian Railways is planning to introduce Train 18 to passengers, which will run at an average speed of 160 kmph. It’s likely to cover the distance between Kolkata and Delhi in 12 hours, compared to Rajdhani Express, which takes 16 hours to cover the same distance. 

So basically, we save fours of valuable time! The newbie is gonna have 16 air-conditioned coaches that’ll make train journeys all about luxury for us! With sliding doors, onboard entertainment, WiFi and chairs that can be swivelled in the direction of the moving train, this newbie is all set to change the railway experience for us travellers. 

We’re really looking forward to boarding this new train!

Sourced Via The Times Of India