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A Happy New Year It Is! Delhi Will Be Slashing Bus Fares by 75 Percent From 1st of Jan

So Delhi 26 Dec 2016


Picture Credits: KSRTC Blog

With the pollution level having reached it’s apex point, carpooling/using public transport is one of the best options right now! Hence, to encourage the same, bus fares are being slashes by 75% in the forthcoming New Year!

Yes you heard it right guys, already cheap bus tickets will get cheaper in order to promote the use of public transport. The government has also decided to make DTC bus travel free for students up to the age of 21-years.

The government is also planning to reduce the rate of monthly bus pass from Rs 800 to Rs 250 for non-AC buses and from Rs 1,000 to Rs. 250 for AC buses. Wow! Now that’s a major drop! It’s said that there will be a flat fare of Rs 5 in non-AC DTC and cluster buses while Rs 10 will be in air-conditioned buses for one month on a trial basis.

By slashing these rates, people will be encouraged to use public transport thus helping in the fall of the pollution levels in the city.

Good job Delhi Transport Corporation! 

Sourced Via The Hindu