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A Fashion Database For Everything Trendy: SummerLove Is For Fashion What Zomato Is For Food!

So Delhi 23 Mar 2017


Zomato has become the ultimate go-to when it comes to restaurant searches online, making it easy to get all kinds of information for old as well as new restaurants. Imagine having one specifically for clothing in Delhi? Sounds crazy, eh? SummerLabel is one that you’re going to love ladies!

Vanya Mishra and Apaksh Gupta, the geniuses behind this venture came up with the idea when one of them was looking for jewellery to gift their mum and couldn’t get any good results online. SummerLabel came into being in May 2016 with the aim of listing reliable stores where one could shop for clothes and accessories within a given area, which sounds like the perfect saviour to us! 

SummerLabel doesn’t just offer store searches; you can use the app to look for products such as ties, leather belts, dresses and more. The app lists online and offline stores, and you can see their product catalogues and product lines, and shop accordingly. They’ve even got a rating system where the user can rate a particular store as well! 

We’re downloading the app right away to make our lives a whole lot easier! 

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