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A Facebook Forum Just For Pet Parents To Use As A Sounding Board, Join Scoobled Today!

So Delhi 5 Dec 2016


Inspired by the movie Hachiko, the good hoomans at Scoobled started this new project for pet parents. This is a platform where all people who adore their pets or are simply allured by some kind of pet activity, can come together to share ideas and matters!

They work purely out of a Facebook group, where everyone can discuss their pet problems or even happy moments. Scoobled is not just a group for dog lovers, it’s got everything from from dog adoptions to foster homes, from queries to house checks, from pet care to spreading awareness, everything! One of the events that they did last year was 'Save the Paws', which provided free anti-rabies vaccination camps around the city. Via these events, Scoobled has collected approximately Rs 1,36,450 for these little furballs! Wow.

So all pet parents, join this group and discuss your lil ones with others having the same issues! Talk about the newest bad boy on the block, or even a sneezing problem faced by your puppy, people are happy to help you out here!

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