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A Delhi Police Station That Operates From Portacabins Is Amongst The Top 10 In The Country



Our city is filled with unsung heroes and it’s true that not all heroes wear capes. Some come in khaki coloured uniforms and that’s Delhi Police for you. A recent study by the Home Ministry has named this Delhi police station the 6th best in the country but there’s a story behind it. Keep reading for all the details!

Making the City Safer | Unlike most of the police stations in Delhi, the one in Baba Haridas Nagar operates from portacabins and recently it has bagged the 6th position on the list of best police stations in the country, making it the only one to be in the Top 10 from Delhi. Crime prevention, good investigation and an increasing rate of case disposal have led them to the top honours.

The station caters to a population of 4 lakh in an area of 45 sq km and they had registered 685 FIRs till November-end this year. Moreover, 99% of the heinous crime cases were solved which is exemplary. Other factors that contributed to their success were good patrolling, discipline and cleanliness. A purified water facility, clean washrooms and proper seating arrangements for visitants despite the space crunch sure earned them brownie points.

Also, the police station has 114 personnel against a requirement of 218 and 28 have been assigned to people in the area as PSOs. They’re guarding those who are vulnerable in the gang war that has been going on in the area for years. The locals feel safe, trust the police force and applaud their work, knowing that their complaints wouldn’t go unheard!

Stories like these restore one’s faith in the system and we hope more police stations follow in their footsteps!

Sourced Via The Times Of India