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A Couple Is Leaving Pre-Loved Novels In Delhi Metro & The Internet Is Loving It!


Started by a book loving couple, Books On The Metro is an initiative where in the couple, i.e. Shruti and Tarun, are going around leaving novels in the metro to spread the joy of reading and sharing! 

These guys leave a hint on their social media handles about where the commuters can find a free copy and then it’s up to the commuters to go around going crazy looking for the copy! Everyone’s free to find the book, read it and the return it at their own pace. Sounds awesome! 

The idea is adapted by a similar concept where books have been placed/left on the London Underground!  Emma Watson left a copy of her favourite paperback and the initiative got all the hype and attention it deserved.

On seeing her favourite Harry Potter character doing this, Shruti asked the organisation if she can follow this too and voila, we now have the Indian edition! 

Go follow their social media handles and check out where they’re going to be next! 

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