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A Childhood Fav - Indulge In The Best Hot Chocolate Fudge At These Places In Delhi



A childhood favourite for many, a Hot Chocolate Fudge can be termed as the perfect dessert enjoyed during the foggy winters or in the sweltering heat of Delhi. Layered with the perfect proportion of brownies, ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce and an array of nuts, it truly is irresistible! Find out where to dig in the best HCF in town.


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This old school neighborhood fast food outlet serves one of the best Hot Chocolate Fudge (HCF) Sundaes in Delhi. A glass full of sin, it comprises of hot chocolate fudge at the bottom followed by a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and then topped by another layer of chocolate fudge and finally vanilla ice cream on the top. The combination of vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate fudge is mind-blowingly delicious. A double scoop of Hot Chocolate Fudge will cost you approximately Rs 130 and triple scoop will cost you Rs 150.

Location | CP, Defence Colony, Rajouri Garden & Other Outlets Across Delhi NCR


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Picture Credits: Sheel Rangasa

Giani’s Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae is a temptation that is hard to resist. It consists of vanilla/butterscotch ice cream which is drowned in hot chocolate fudge and topped with sizeable cashew nuts. Every bite of this delight is creamy, chocolaty, and nutty in taste. Hot Chocolate Fudge at Giani’s will cost you approximately Rs 120 and the Green Park outlet doles out the best of its kind.

Location | Green Park, Defence Colony, Satya Niketan & Other Outlets Across Delhi NCR

Big Chill

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Big Chill is known for its decadent delights and their Hot Chocolate Fudge is simply out of this world. It is so rich and delicious that the sundae will uplift your mood instantly. A single serving of hot chocolate fudge will cost you approximately Rs 180.

Location | Khan Market, Kailash Colony, Vasant Kunj & Other Outlets across Delhi NCR


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This is a really cool place to enjoy delicious Hot Chocolate Fudge with your friends or family. The warm hot chocolate sauce blends in nicely with cool vanilla ice cream and the cashew nuts add a nice crunch to this creamy delight. A single serving of this delight will cost you approximately Rs 140.

Location | 2526, First Floor, Above CCD, Hudson Lane, Kingsway Camp, Delhi University-GTB Nagar