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A Boozy Stock Exchange - Check Out the Newly Opened Drinks at Stake in Punjabi Bagh


A relatively new joint, Drinks at Stake - Bar Exchange at Punjabi Bagh, has a fabulous concept that’s going to take the city for a whirl! They’ve got this massive drinks menu, the costing of which works around the demand and the supply of the particular drink!

Not so super fancy on the outside, you might even miss it by chance unless you’re careful. But the interiors are pretty good as compared to the exteriors. They’re on the 4th floor with a beautiful terrace that would be perfect for the upcoming weather!

The deadly deal here is that the drinks do not have a fixed rate. Just like the shares in the stock exchange, the price of the alcohol here varies depending on its demand and supply. If you’re lucky you might score a Jim Bean for Rs 160, but if you’re not it can even cost you triple of that!

They’ve got a simple menu catering to 4 cuisines namely, North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Italian. 

This is one place that we can’t wait to go try our luck at! 

Meal For Two | Rs 1,200
Where | Building No 26, 3rd Floor, Northwest Avenue, Club Road, West Punjabi Bagh
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