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A Boho Clothing Brand That Offers Stunning, Simple & Elegant Dresses, Here's Kahaani

Style Scout 1 May 2018


Neha Sanghvi, an architecture graduate, is the founder of this boho clothing brand we found - Kahaani. The brand focuses on transforming simple fabrics into beautiful, yet comfortable clothing! 

Kahaani is all about mixing different stories to make a new radical story out of 'em. The same way they mix fabrics and threads and make a new and contemporary clothing item. Cool! 

They have some beautiful and simple dresses - midis and maxis, they’ve got them both, in a variety of prints and patterns. They’ve also got linen and cotton tops, culottes and skirts for you to choose from. 

Their collection is contemporary with a touch of ethnic wear, which is what makes them stand apart from the crowd!

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