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Did Y'All Know You Can Actually Grab A Plate Of Offbeat Aloe Vera Halwa In Old Delhi?!



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Pay Old Delhi a visit and you’ll always end up returning, wanting to try out something new and innovative. This time, we got our hands on something called the Aloe Vera Halwa and Malai Kulfi stuffed with fruits at Sheeran Bhawan’s Sweet Shop. Sounds simply divine, doesn’t it?

Who’s Up For Offbeat Halwas? | They’ve got some other quite popular halwas too including Habsi Ka Halwa, Safed Gajar Ka Halwa and Kewar Ka Halwa. These are all prepared fresh in pure ghee so you can imagine how amazingly mouth-watering they’d be!

Standing stalwart for more than 70 years, the shop has been passed on down the family tree but the quality and taste is still intact. Time to plan a trip to the walled city and gobble up all these treasures!

Where | Sheeran Bhawan’s Sweet Shop - Hauz Qazi Chowk, Chandni Chowk
Call Them | +91 9958 662 226
Timings | 8 AM - 11 PM