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A Bigass Integrated Complex + Helipad + Hotel: New Pragati Maidan Is Gonna Be Awesome!

So Delhi 23 Feb 2017


Pragati Maidan is up for a new look and the hammers are hard at work at Hall No.1, and we’re waiting to see the new look! 

Widely known for hosting the India International Trade Fair, Pragati Maidan is all set to incorporate an all-new historical makeover. The venue is set to get an Integrated Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre (IECC) spread over 125 massive acres of land, with a 500-room hotel, a food and beverage complex, pools, moving floors and a helipad (woah!) plus many more exhibition rooms as well! 

OMG this sounds amazing! 

With this project, the IECC is hoping to welcome the G20 Summit in early 2019! Once the new place is ready, it’ll be able to compete with some of the biggest and best exhibition complexes from all over the world like the Crystal Palace in London and Biosphere in Montreal! WOAH!

After the redevelopment, the exhibition space will be doubled entirely, and the place will be showcasing technological, scientific, economic and intellectual progress! The Science Museum and Crafts Museum will continue to function as it is. 

Can’t wait to see the all-new look!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times