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A Beardo? You'll Get Rewarded With UNLIMITED Beer For 444 Bucks Right Here

City Wire 26 June 2017


With a great beard, comes great responsibility! 

Calling out to all those men sporting a perfectly styled beard, Beardraja has something amazing in store for you guys! 

Beardraja and Beards Of Delhi have organised an event where all you beardos will get unlimited beer for just 444 bucks! Awesome! An event giving full importance and credit to a man’s resplendent beard (and boy are we loving the bearded look these days!) where all you gotta do is Bring Your Own Beard and you can avail unlimited strong lager. A fabulous grooming session, a chance to win Best Beard and lots more fun activities in store for you, and you alone! AWESOME!

A different kind of BYOB, all men should totally go chill at this event with their fellow companions! Let the ladies be for one day, go ahead and have a good boys night! 

Head on over all your beardie nerd-ies! 

When | Wednesday, 12th July
Where | Mealodrama Modern Bistro, Vishal Enclave
Entry | Free
Timings | 9 PM - 1 AM
Deal | Unlimited Beer @ Rs 444
FB Event Deets |