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A 72-Year Old Gentleman Playing Violin To Save His Cancer-Stricken Wife - Here's How To Help!

So Delhi 8 Dec 2016


Picture Credits: Srijan Pal Singh

This 72-year-old uncle is taking the internet by storm with this violin playing video, and we’re all set to do our part in making him go viral. People do a lot of things for love, but this gentleman has just taken it to a whole new, adorable level! 

Swapan Sett, a 72 year old man, has been touring the country playing violin to save his cancer-stricken wife. A video and image was shared by Srijan Pal Singh, author and former advisor of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, and it’s since gone viral! In this video, there is the old man playing harmonies of love on his violin outside the old Indian Coffee House in CP, simply in order to raise money for his wife.

As said by Mr. Srijan Pal, "In the time when the world is torn apart on the basis of demonetisation, nationalism, sexualism and everybody is hanging right in between, he is on a simple mission with his violin and that is truly inspiring".

Let’s make this video go viral guys and help Mr. Swapan, because love is the biggest power in the world!

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