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A 6-Lane Tunnel Plus Underpasses Will Ease Traffic On The Congested Mathura Road Soon!

Delhi Insider 26 Sept 2018


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If you’re a frequent traveller who crosses Mathura Road, then you’re probably aware of the never ending traffic that is usually to be found on this road! Urgh! It is especially a menace when you’re on your way home after a tiring day at work. But here’s the good news - the Pragati Maidan redevelopment project has come as a silver lining for us peeps travelling via this road. How, you ask? Scroll on to find out!

What’s Happening? | The Pragati Maidan redevelopment project involves building of road infrastructure that could lead to the decongestion of Mathura Road. So under this project, there are plans to construct a 1.1 kms long tunnel from Purana Qila to Ring Road, running below Pragati Maidan.

This six-lane tunnel will help decongest ITO that sees roughly 62,000 cars daily and Bhairon Marg intersections. And with Mathura Road becoming traffic signal-free, commuting is gonna be seamless in the area and we’re heaving a sigh of relief right now! These tunnels will have loops that’ll allow cars coming from India Gate to directly enter the Pragati Maidan exhibition grounds.

Vehicles bound for South Delhi from ITO will be able to access this tunnel from Mathura Road, taking a load off Bhairon Marg. You’ll also find elevated U-turns at Bhairon Marg and Subramaniam Bharti Marg. There will also be two U-turn underpasses at Sundar Nagar.  

A lot seems to be brewing on the roads of Delhi and we’re pretty psyched about it!

Sourced Via The Times Of India