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A 3D Painting That Looks & Acts as a Speed Breaker | What a Time to Be Alive in Delhi!


Wondering what a 3D speed breaker means? It's basically a 3D painting which looks like a real speed breaker from a distance. So rather than actually building one, NDMC has put up a 3D one on Rajaji Marg to introduce the concept.

This trial of a virtual speed breaker actually saves resources and would adequately serve the purpose of slowing down traffic. The government is planning on trying this out as a pilot project, and then venturing into planting more of these virtual speed breakers if it's a success.

But we would still say that it's a flawed concept, as a commuter who has once passed the crossing will realize that it's a fake and wouldn't slow down for it the next time!

What are your thoughts on this - yay or no? Tell us what you think!

Information as Seen on Financial Express