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A 14 Kms Long Metro Link Connecting Greater Noida With Delhi Has Now Been Approved



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If you’re someone who frequently travels via the metro, then you’d be interested in the next piece of news regarding a certain fantastic development along the Delhi Metro and Greater Noida’s Aqua Line!

Delhi To Be Linked To Greater Noida | We just heard that The Greater Noida Development Authority (GNA) has approved a 14 kms long metro link that will connect Delhi to Greater Noida and we couldn’t be happier! Starting at Botanical Garden, which will also act as an interchange station for the commuters wanting access to the Blue and Magenta lines, this link will end at Sector 142 MS of the Aqua Line.

The metro link shall run parallel to Noida-Greater Noida expressway and though it’ll be a part of the Delhi Metro, it’ll be developed by Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) funded by Noida Authority! At present, there’s no such direct connectivity, so this comes as brilliant news to us Delhiites!

Sourced Via India Today