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9 Reasons Why Everyone's Going Bonkers Over New OTT Sensation Emily In Paris

Aarushi Jain 18 Oct 2020


If you’re in the mood to watch fabulous people with dreamy eyes strolling around the beautiful city of Paris wearing stylish clothes literally anyone could pull off, then Emily in Paris is for you. Yes, we’re aware that the show is filled with stereotypes that aren’t necessarily true and this has thus opened the show up to some criticism from both the people of France and Chicago. BUT, the show has a lightness and an aspirational quality to it that makes you feel like you, too, are happily living in a dream in Paris. If you’re still over the fence about dedicating 250 minutes of your life to this cute show on Netflix, read through as we give you some hard-to-argue with reasons as to why you must watch it, so scroll on!

1. To Witness The City Of Love: Paris 

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The view from the Eiffel Tower and its shimmering lights during the evening, the glass pyramid of the Louvre Museum surrounded by the regal Louvre Palace, the designer stores at Champs-Élysées and the stunning Versaille Palace Gardens - there are hardly any of us who HAVEN’T dreamt of strolling along the banks of the Seine with an eclair in hand, and our better half in the other. Almost all of us have a picture of a happy couple kissing in the middle of Pont Alexandre etched in our hearts. Paris is the ‘City of Love’ and the French capital manages to charm us all. 

Since the show is solely based in Paris, its scenes are almost like a love letter to the city. They portray the beautiful cityscape in perfect harmony to the storyline and are so immersive that you almost feel like you too have temporarily been transported to modern-day Paris. So watch the show to experience how it would feel to actually live and work in the city! 

2. To Catch A Glimpse Of The Gorgeous French Countryside 

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We’ve been cycling through the busy streets of Delhi to reach the somewhat fun streets of Rajpath and still love the whole vibe of it. So imagine how much we’d love it if we could wear our favourite bucket hat and cycle through the vineyards of the Champagne area in the French countryside? Oh, did we add where we’re cycling to? Oh, no big deal, as we got out of our topless car, we pedalled through the green valleys to get from a chateau fitted with a swimming pool to a champagne production unit for some champagne tasting with a cute, young, flirty businessman. Emily in Paris is a totally relaxed Sunday afternoon vibe - the kind of feeling where everything is so idyllic you almost don’t believe it’s possible. Whether you’re reminiscing about your time vacationing or planning your next vacation or just virtually vacationing, the exotic locations shown in the show are a total mood and SO worth a watch! 

3. To Get Inspired By High-Quality Wearable Fashion 

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Picture Credits: vintageberrys

Are you fond of following Instagram influencers and keep a lot of looks bookmarked to wear on special occasions? Well, then you’d be screenshotting almost every scene of the show. From the guys to the girls to the kids to even the strangers on the street - every single person in the show is impeccably dressed literally all the time. And the best part? Since the show has so many characters with so many personalities, the wardrobes are also super eclectic and varied to suit all tastes and moods. If simple straight lines with no frills is your style, follow Sylvie. If displaying your bubbly, colourful personality bordering on street-chic is your go-to, follow Emily. If you’re a young businessman who wears power suits even while sleeping, follow Antione. If you’re a young and laid back fellow who likes to flaunt his looks without it seeming like much of an effort, follow Gabriel. Seriously, guy or girl, chic or relaxed, old or young, straight or gay, Emily in Paris is fashion goals for ALL of us! 

4. For A Light-Hearted Portrayal Of Culture Clashes

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Picture Credits: yvessaintlouvre

Britishers have a stiff upper lip, Germans are stubborn, the French are rude and Italians are expressive. We stereotype every single person or culture or country we come across. And this is never more apparent than when we visit a new place. In fact, even within India, North Indians find it tough to understand the ways and habits of South Indians while South Indians feel uncomfortable in the North and the story keeps moving. So naturally, when American girl Emily moves to Paris without knowing the language and culture, she is constantly faced with some ‘oops’ and ‘what the fish’ moments. And the French people she meets, constantly exasperated with Emily’s quirkiness and work ethic, refer to her as ‘c'est l'américain’ (this is the American). They call her mean things in French, she tries to impose her own brand of American professionalism on them - it’s always a tussle but a light-hearted and fun one that makes us all in some ways reminisce of our own initial office/college days and will make you rethink stereotyping in your own head.

5. To Watch A Dreamboat Cast In Action

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Picture Credits: fashionalitemx

If we had to rate the different aspects of the show, there is no way we would rate anything over the cast selection. We mean, the way the characters look is simply unfair! Forget Emily, even WE can't choose the guy she should end up with. They’re all just too beautiful to look at. And the pretty ladies on the show are just gorgeous on another level! The French have some seriously high standards of beauty and the show honestly manages to exceed even those. We dare you to pick one guy or girl that you would mind dating. We’ll wait!

6. For Fluid Yet Complicated Love Stories 

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Picture Credits: diariodeumcinefilo_

A married man who’s having an affair with a younger powerful woman but still continues to have a roving eye, a committed man who’s frustrated with the interference of his rich girlfriend’s family and starts falling in love with his simple and sweet neighbour, the stylish heir to a successful design legend who leaves no stones unturned to charm his media manager despite having a casanova reputation, a girl who is torn between choosing her boyfriend who refuses to leave his city and moving to the most beautiful city filled with guys wishing to give her the world - not enough romance for you guys yet? Okay, how about if we add a few love triangles, some bitchy catfights, a few secret rendezvous, jealousy-induced arguments, stunning dates and some one night stands to the equation? We know we have undivided attention from your drama-starved hearts now! If you’ve missed dramatic rom coms with complicated love stories, check out the show for a fair share of romance that you’ll end up reeling from for months! 

7. To Have A Laugh At The Eccentric Designers 

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Paris is the fashion capital of the world and we all know designers are equal parts talented and eccentric. Quick fashion vs timeless couture, sweatshirts vs ball gowns, young vs old, basic quirky vs elegant - these are themes the show keeps moving between and the battle ends in an epic showdown towards the end so as to ensure the fashion rivalry is also a plotline and not a random sideshow. The show features some very private moments of big designer houses and these usually lesser-known incidents are a fun storyline to indulge in. Think of Devil Wears Prada, just more chic with many more eccentric bosses! 

8. To Truly Understand The Mighty Power Of Social Media 

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The show’s main lead Emily is a Marketing Assistant working in a marketing firm who lives to promote different products and companies. The show glosses over the Instagram influencer culture we all know has come to dominate our lives. We mean Baba Da Dhaba did become an overnight sensation thanks to media intervention, didn't it? Love it or hate it, Instagram can make or break brands and businesses overnight and there are still people who are divided whether this is a cheap or elegant trick. Instagram and the power of social media is one of the primary concepts here and the show does complete justice to it. Watching the show will truly help you understand how things like one restaurant or one brand can really become an overnight sensation with the help of one well-placed Insta influencer. Watching the show will explain to you why your favourite influencers always have first dibs on the best and most expensive products available in the market. Watch it just for education on social media if nothing else!

9. For Some Life Lessons & To Always Remember To Say ‘C’est La Vie’ 

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Giving up a job you had been prepping for through your life for your family, having a bad breakup, watching the person you love start dating your best friend, indulging in a relationship you know will end badly, going to work at a place where you know everyone hates you, not having someone to eat lunch with, being cut off from your parents, embarrassing yourself publicly, not having the money to save your dream, being fired from your dream job even after doing something with good intentions, having the feeling of being replaced by somebody younger, feeling lonely - these are feelings we’ve all experienced, at least in part, sometime or the other in life but what we all forget to understand during that time is that this is life and everything gets better with a little patience and time. The show repeats the line ‘C’est La Vie’ or ‘such is life’ in almost every episode and honestly makes you believe it by the end. No matter how difficult life may seem, acting impulsively or acting out won’t help but a little patience will take you a long long way. 

Well well, we hope we’ve convinced you to stream the show right away. During these trying, no-vacation times, we’re all in dire need of an extravagant escape, so go ahead and over-indulge in Paris virtually through Netflix’s beautiful show - Emily in Paris! 

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