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7 Best Doughnut Places That Are Absolute Havens To Satisfy All Your Sugar Cravings

Vrinda Bagadia 19 Sept 2018


If terms like dieting and calorie counting don’t exist in your dictionaries, then we’re sure that you absolutely love doughnuts, don’t you? And because we love them too, we come bearing a list of the best places in Delhi that serve this treat that you must visit and make your day all the more sweet and yummy!

1. Dunkin’ Donuts

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If you’re a sucker for doughnuts, then we’re sure that the very mention of Dunkin’ Donuts gets you drooling, right? And we totes get you because there’s no place better than this one to stuff your mouths with those scrummy and creamilicious Choco Symphony Doughnuts, White Choco Cheesecake, Chocotella and delicious boxes of assorted doughnuts that we absolutely love!

Where | Dunkin’ Donuts - Saket, Gurgaon, Vasant Vihar & Other Outlets
Price | Rs 25 Onwards
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2. Krispy Kreme

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Another beloved doughnut joint, Krispy Kreme whips up some ah-mazing yummies. What we love here the most are their Classic Doughnuts paired with a hot cuppa of Latte. They also whip some great Raspberry Coconut Iced, Kookie Custard Filled and Almonds All Over doughnuts. So, drag your besties out of their beds and head here for a sweet date!

Where | Krispy Kreme - Gurgaon, Noida, Vasant Kunj & Other Outlets
Price | Rs 75 Onwards
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3. Mad Over Donuts

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If doughnuts are bae, then Mad Over Donuts is basically your kinda haven. Everytime we walk inside this place, the irresistible smell of freshly baked goodies gets us all drooling and we can’t help but order their Double Trouble Donut which is loaded with gooey dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate and white chocolate drizzles, yum! If you, like us, absolutely love everything chocolate, then their Chocolate Decadence and Choco Bomb Donuts are MUST tries!

Where | Mad Over Donuts - Noida, Vasant Kunj, GK I & Other Outlets
Price | Rs 59 Onwards
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4. The Big Chill Cakery

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Picture Credits: fbci_official

Chic interiors, quality food and an irresistible menu is how we like to define The Big Chill Cakery. From sinful cupcakes to those buttery cookies, this cakery is a dreamland. And what we love the most here are their yummy varieties chocolate doughnuts - some of which come topped with crunchy rainbow sprinkles. They’re not just picture perfect but are also a great way to make your tummies happy!

Where | The Big Chill Cakery - Khan Market & Noida
Price | Rs 120 Onwards
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5. For God’s Cake

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This not-so-old place got insanely popular for infusing a quirky element to each dish that they serve and Dilliwalas are already their fans. From their Tiramisu Cake Jars to Nutella Mousse, For God’s Cake is a sweet lover’s dream come true. But we’re crushing on their Choco Donuts for now ‘cause nothing can beat the eternal combination of soft dough and chocolate for us!

Where | For God’s Cake - 2521, Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar
Price | Rs 59
Check Out Their FB Page |

6. Doughlicious

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With several outlets in Gurgaon, Doughlicious is an awesome place to be at for all your dessert cravings. They serve some delicious Cinnamon Sugar and White Chocolate and the classic Chocolate Donuts but what we love the most are their cutesy Mini Donuts that come in packs of 4 and are total value for money, if you ask us. You should defo get these for your BFF’s birthday!

Where | Doughlicious - Sohna Road, MG Road & Sectors 33 & 21, Gurgaon
Price | Rs 49 Onwards
Check Out Their FB Page |

7. Wish A Cupcake

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This online bakery is already winning our hearts with their delectable range of muffins, cakes, eclairs, tarts and loads more, but we’re especially eyeing their Buttery Crunchy Donuts that’re stuffed with oodles of chocolate. And we’re also itching to try their Milky Explosion Donuts and Red Velvet Eclairs for our next order!

Order Online Here |
Price |
Rs 49 Onwards
Check Out Their FB Page |

So, call your bhukkad buddies and try out these yummilicious doughnuts right away!