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4 Super Tasty & Pocket-Friendly Dishes To Try For As Low As Rs 10 In Janakpuri West

Manya Wats 15 Feb 2019


Looking to experience Janakpuri West in its truest form? We’ve created a list of places that you can visit near the metro station with your besties and try new things to explore the next time you are here. Browse through the feed below!

1. Lassi

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Have you heard of lassi on wheels? Well, this is what you get at this little stall! This man has a makeshift stall on his cycle from where you’re served this delicious beauty! The lassi is absolutely mouthwatering and savoury in taste. Laden with goodies like boondi, mint leaves and cumin seeds, this is bound to make you do the happy dance!

Where | Hariyane Ki Tazaa Lassi - District Centre
Price | Rs 10

2. Khasta Kachori​​​​​​​

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Are you a kachori lover? Well, these people over here are serving you exactly that! Khasta Kachori is a tiny stall that sells you with absolutely delicious and flaky kachoris that are laden with lip-smacking gravy! These are then topped with onions and coriander leaves and the result is the beauty that you can see.

Where | Khasta Kachori Stall - District Centre
Price | Rs 20

3. Rajma Chawal

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If you think delicious Rajma Chawal is only available in your nearest canteen, you couldn't be more wrong. These people at Oye Khaana, serve you with drool-worthy Rajma Chawal from - get this - the boot of a car! The serving of this scrumptious dish includes rice submerged under the luscious rajma gravy and topped with sliced onions and mint chutney. Yum!

Where | Oyee Khaana - District Centre
Price | Rs 50

4. Mexican Cheesy Fries

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If you’re in Janakpuri West and you’re craving some cheesy fries this is where you need to be at. CruncheeZ will serve you with crispy fries that are drizzled with delicious cheese and have a yummy sauce on the side. Now, doesn’t it define heaven?

Where | CruncheeZ - G-48 West End
Price | Rs 120
Call Them | +91 8800 661 285
Timings | 11 AM - 10:30 PM
Check Out Their FB Page |   

So, visit these spots and spend the day with your fam ‘cause there’s a lot more to do here!