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9 Food Bloggers in Delhi You Must Follow

So Delhi 20 Apr 2018


The present time is all about bloggers and online content curators. Not only has online content curation amassed within the past few years, but this accumulation of driven individuals has also gone on to carve out for themselves full-fledged careers that are fruitfully rewarding. Speaking of fruitfully rewarding, food-bloggers constitute one of the most popular and celebrated genres of blogging. Almost everybody loves food, no one can live without it and everyone has an opinion on it! Below mentioned are some of the most prominent Delhi-based food-bloggers who’ll feed your desire to feed yourself.

Food-Dee-Dum - “A scrumptious fling with all things edible.” | Praerna Kartha

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Praerna Kartha is a food enthusiast, home cook, food stylist, and wedding photographer. She started her blog in 2011 after giving up a 7-year-long career in Advertising to solely focus on her passion for food. Her self-formulated recipes and posts, as she describes, simply project the culinary escapades of a food enthusiast, devoid of any dramatic extravagance. The blog’s U.S.P. is in the photos of her self-styled, beautiful food palettes, and immersive writing. Her sight-soothing captures and mouth-watering descriptions will have you craving food, even after you’ve had a fulfilling meal. 
Food-Dee-Dum | 

Delhi Foodies’ Zone | Reeta Skeeter

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Reeta started her food-blog in the year 2006, and has, since then, gone on to cover, it seems like, almost every food-related thing there is in Delhi; from scrumptious delicacies of Guppy by Ai, to deep fried delights offered in Purani Dilli, to the luxuries of Yum Yum Cha in Select Citywalk, to attainment of sneak-peeks of future menus at various restaurants, such as Olive, her escapades never seem to cease. She keeps on adding more and more to her experience in and knowledge of the food industry, and you’ll find yourself wanting more as she has a fine hand in providing an immersive first-hand perspective. 

Delhi Foodies’ Zone |

Eatstory | Neeru Singh

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Neeru Singh is a baker, traveller, food reviewer. She is the master-curator behind her blog, Eatstory, which projects her food journey scanning almost every corner of the Capital State of Delhi, and other cities as well. Eatstory has abundance of reviews on various places within Delhi, suggesting you where to eat, what to eat, as well as how to make and recreate. She has literally scanned the length and breadth of Khan Market and Connaught Place. Her reviews are extremely insightful, and her recipes for sweets constitute a favorite amongst her readers. 

Eatstory |

Salt & Sandals | Amogh Tiwari, Manitasha and Dr. Sudipto De

Salt & Sandals was collectively founded and is directed by Amogh Tiwari, a Zomato alumna, Manitasha, a social media enthusiast and lifestyle blogger, and Dr. Sudipto De, a surgical resident and foodie. It is characterized by food and restaurant reviews, as well as reviews on movies and fashion-oriented events.  They’ve covered umpteenth restaurants within Delhi, such as Neung Roi in Mahipalpur, Q Bistro in Janakpuri, Depot 29 in Safdarjung Enclave, Zamozza in Connaught Place, and so forth. Their collective functioning has churned high-quality, detailed reviews and insights, justifying their fan-following. 

Salt & Sandals |

The Tasting Fork | Sahiba Gursahaney

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If you seek pleasure and comfort in bud-soothing delicacies and are wanting to attain a glimpse into the most scrumptious glories that various restaurants and cafés provide within Delhi, this food-blog is one not to miss. Sahiba Gurusahaney has documented various cuisines  and menus on her blog, ranging from South Indian to North Indian, to bakeries with rainbow cakes, to even traditional English buffets. 

The Tasting Fork |

Sharmi on the Trot | Sharmi

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Sharmi is a Delhi-based food and travel enthusiast. She prides herself on trying the local cuisines of every place she visits, and is efficiently capable of recreating those delicacies in her own kitchen, eventually providing lip-smacking recipes for the readers with detailed nitty-gritty and amazing photographs. As an added bonus - given that she loves to travel - there are many pieces she’s curated, documenting her travels and the specific splendid cuisines of those places she’d have tried.

Sharmi on the Trot |

Eat. Treat. Repeat. | Nayan

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Nayan is an adventurous foodie who boasts of never shying away from trying multiple, distinctive dishes when in a restaurant. She possesses a non-dismissive love for macarons, and her is characterized by her personal perspective on various restaurants and cafés and pop-ups and food-trucks, and the food palettes they individually offer. The U.S.P. of her blog, clearly, is the honesty in her reviews, as well as clear documentation of what she eats when she goes out through flamboyant pictures. 

Eat. Treat. Repeat. |

TheBlogofBaking | Anukriti Anand

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This is a dream food-blog for anyone with a prominent sweet-tooth. Anukriti Arora, the curator of the blog, is a zealous pastry chef, and in her own words, a mad baker and crazy foodie. Her blog consists of her self-formulated recipes,even recreations of some of the classic sweets, and to be honest, she’s really got the hang of it. This is, believably, the Chocolate Factory of the Delhi-specific food-blogging scene. From Nutella Swirl Chocolate Ice Cream to Nan Khatai to occasional creation of a Tomato Jalapeño Loaf, you can’t, for sure, get enough of what Anukriti has in her pool of baking-fineries.

TheBlogofBaking |

The Warm Toast | Divya Nair

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The Warm Toast - “Kitchen diaries of an amateur cook.” is the brain-child of student and food-blogger, Divya Nair. She’s got an uncountable number of recipes that she herself has formulated, as well as ones she’s learnt and recreated. A lot of her creations constitute a quick-bite kind of eating that are very efficient to produce and store. The dominant factor of her blog is her generous palette of sweet-dishes, such as an eggless Chocolate Mousse, a 1-minute Cocoa and White Chocolate Cake, eggless cake-pops, and so forth. She grandeurs her talent through authentic projects, such as a Marshmallow Bouquet, which goes down really, really well with her readers. 

The Warm Toast |