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89 Artificial Ponds In The City Have Protected The River Yamuna From Idol Immersion



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With the conclusion of festivals, there’s often pollution of water bodies that follow due to the immersing of idols in them. However, this year it was a different story for the river Yamuna as this step was taken to protect the same.  

Changing Tides | The Delhi Government built 89 artificial ponds across the city to prevent river Yamuna from getting polluted. And the reports say that this measure led to no idols being immersed in the already polluted river. They created these ponds with some of them being as deep as 8 feet and 20x30 feet in size, this year. Last year, they had created the same at the banks of Yamuna but people went ahead and immersed the idols in the river itself.

This year prior to Durga Puja, meetings between several puja committees and the government were held to let them know about the location of all the artificial ponds in the city! Plus, the organisers were also happy with the initiative, which is said to be a first in the town.

What do you think about this move?

Sourced Via The Hindu